TIPS | Faster DFA Passport Application

          We finished with our DFA passport application in just an hour. Isn’t it great? We had our DFA passport application at the DFA ASEANA. Our travel abroad is one month ahead and we need to have our passport as soon as possible to avoid any problem.

Here’s our tips for faster DFA passport application. Let’s talk about the DFA Passport Processing Courtesy Lane. But first, who are qualified to avail the courtesy lane?

Are you a/an:

  1. Regular government employee / with GSIS / appointed by Civil Service Commission
  2. Dependent of government employee i.e. Legal spouse, Parent or Unmarried children
  3. Retired government employee
  4. Incumbent elected official. For barangay level, only the following are entitled: Barangay Chairman, Barangay Kagawad, SK Chairman
  5. Infant (1 year old and below)
  6. Senior Citizen (60 years old and above)
  7. PWD  that is genuinely disabled  with PWD I.D.s
  8. Genuinely Pregnant with medical certificate

Or, do you have an endorsement?

  1. Endorsement from House of Representatives that is endorsed by DLLU, before lodging applications to Courtesy Lane
  2. Endorsement from Public Information Services Unit (PISU) before going to Courtesy Lane for Media Personnel

Or, do you have referrals from the following?

          This privilege is limited to 3 referrals per month. Proper endorsements must be secured, duly signed by authorized signatories of their respective offices. Only original copies will be accepted for verification purposes. Photocopy of DFA employee’s valid I.D. / government agencies official’s Department I.D. must be attached for verification purposes.

  1. From DFA employees.
  2. Head/s of other government agencies.

Aside from the endorsements, referrals, what are the General Requirements?
See DFA Passport Application General Requirements 

But, what we only have?

  1. We have two copies of endorsement letters from a Head of a government agency, and we were also assisted by the Liaison from that government agency. My sister works in that government agency.
  2. Birth Certificate, photocopies of Id’s and photocopies of supporting documents
  3. We don’t have a scheduled appointment
  4. We don’t have the print-out of the filled-out application form.


What we did for faster DFA passport application?

          We arrived 9am at the  DFA Aseana. Upon entering the premises, the guards are strictly implementing the rule of NO Printed Application Form, NO Appointment, NO Entry. But since we are availing the Courtesy lane, all we have to say was, “Courtesy Lane Sir” and we were allowed to enter. Availing the courtesy lane is a great privilege. Take note, if you have an appointment, Don’t be late. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment. DFA is very strict on this policy.


          When we entered the building, we were surprised by a huge crowd of applicants at the regular DFA passport application processing area and I heard a woman saying it’s been an hour and she hasn’t progressed yet. There are long lines as early as that and the waiting area seats are almost full.

         At the reception in the lobby, we got our visitor’s Pass/ID to be allowed to enter the 3rd floor of the building. The Courtesy lane is at the 2nd floor where we got our DFA Passport Application form. Since we have access to the 3rd floor, we went up to the pantry/canteen to fill-out the our DFA Passport Application Form. These forms are different from the regular application forms because these are stamped with “Courtesy Lane” on them.

          After we filled them out, we consolidated them with our Endorsement letter, Birth Certificate, photocopies of Id’s and photocopies of supporting documents. After arranging them properly, our Liaison went to the Office of the Assistant Secretary and had our endorsement letter stamped with a small piece of Green Paper. That green piece of paper made our DFA passport application prioritized over the other applicants even from those in the courtesy lane. That’s the secret. Since there were three of us applying, we had to photocopy that stamped endorsement letter for our three application documents. Photocopying took almost 15 minutes since there was a very long line at the photocopy area.

          We then submitted the complete documents at the reception and waited until we are called to enter the Courtesy Lane Room. After 10 minutes, we were called and they gave back our documents together with a Queue Number for each. We went inside the courtesy lane room. Waited and our number was called after almost 10 minutes. We again submitted our documents and after checking and was approved, we received our invoices for payment. We paid at the cashier for rush processing for DFA passport application, Php 1,200. After payment, we waited for our name to be called for photo capture and biometrics. After 5 minutes, we were called and finished the whole process in another 5 minutes.

          That’s it. At the end of the process, we have the DFA payment receipt. Our passports will be released after 7 working days. We have the choice to have our passports delivered or manually pick it up at the tentative date. We decided to have it delivered via LBC. We paid Php120 for each. Take note that the tentative date inscribed on the DFA Passport Receipt is tentative. If you want it delivered, it means that LBC will pick-up your passport on that tentative date and will deliver it to you on the next day, depending on your location. Keep the LBC receipt. You need it to claim your DFA Passport upon delivery.


Did you know?

          On the DFA Online application process, there are different available slot among the DFA offices. So, before you choose a slot, check the slots from the other offices first by opening each office via “New Tab” on your browser by right-clicking on “Set an Appointment”. Compare the available slots so you can avail the earliest available. You can check every now and then if there are cancellations by other applicants so you can set your appointment at an earlier date. So, don’t print your DFA Passport Application form yet so you can choose from other dates for your appointment.

By the way, if you schedule on Saturdays, it’s considered express/rush processing and will cost Php1,200. Regular processing costs Php950.


Did you know?

          The Department of Foreign Affairs gives consideration to special cases wherein passports are urgently needed, provided complete documents shall be presented.

For example:

  1. For medical reasons provided with supporting document showing urgent need to undergo treatment
  2. Incident of Death provided with supporting documents or proof of urgency
  3. OFW’s with Job Order, working visa and booked ticket

For these cases, you can call the DFA Emergency numbers: 834 -4424, 834-4855.

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