UPDATE: How to Process Travel Pass / Travel Authority Under GCQ

The process of securing travel pass is now simplified according to the Joint Task Force Covid Shield (JTF CV Shield) commander, Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar as some security protocols in areas under the general community quarantine (GCQ) has been relaxed.

Locally stranded individuals (LSIs) and those with indispensable travels can now go to the nearest police stations in their communities to secure or process travel pass / travel authority. So, how to process travel pass?

JTF CV Shield commander, Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, said that in coordination with the Philippine National Police (PNP), they have allowed the following under GCQ and modified GCQ:

  • movement of locally stranded individuals (LSIs) and
  • indispensable travels such as for medical and family emergencies within Metro Manila and within the same province.
  • travels within National Capital Region and within the province shall be permitted without the travel authority.

Eleazar, however, still advised the public to avoid unnecessary travels since the threat of the disease remains high. Unnecessary travels are still deemed violations of the quarantine protocols under GCQ and MGCQ.

That is, people who want to buy food and in need of basic services must not cross borders of towns, cities, and even provinces if all of them are available within their localities. Eleazar said that policemen and soldiers manning the QCPs are all briefed about the travel protocols and, thus, aware if the person is just making an alibi for unauthorized travels.

Based on the instruction of DILG Secretary Eduardo Año:

  • Travel authority will only be required if the travels are outside Metro Manila and outside the provinces, but the process of securing this was also simplified by delegating it to the local police commanders.
  • For those in the province whose travel is to another province but within the region, he said the travel authority is now delegated to the chiefs of police.
  • Travels that require crossing the border of two regions require the authority of the provincial director. For those in Metro Manila, this power is delegated to the district director.

Who can now issue Travel Authority for LSIs and for indispensable travels?

  • Chiefs of police of city and municipal police stations have the authority to issue travel authority for travel outside the province but within the region;
  • District directors, provincial directors and city directors have the authority to issue travel authority for travels outside the regions; and
  • Higher issuing authorities like police regional directors and the PNP Directorate for Operations can still issue travel authority.

Requirements and How to Process Travel Pass Travel Authority

  1. Get a Certification from your Barangay Captain / Punong Barangay.
  • This is to prove that the person who wants to travel has not developed any (coronavirus disease 2019) symptoms at least 14 days before the travel request.
  • The certification from the Barangay Captain / Punong Barangay will serve as an endorsement to the City and Municipal Health Office to conduct medical examination;
  1. Get a Medical Clearance Certificate from the City or Municipal Health Office.
  • According to Eleazar, only a medical clearance certificate is needed to secure a Travel Authority.

You are entitled to get a Medical clearance certificate if you have/are;

    1. No contact with any COVID-19 patient/s
    2. Not suspected or do not have a probable case,
    3. Not a positive COVID-19 case
    4. COMPLETED a 14-day quarantine based on DOH standards (if applicable)
    5. If an individual is a recovered COVID-19 patient, you need to undergo RT-PCR and must have 2 negative result

3. Submit your Medical Clearance Certificate to the Help Desks in your local police station for the processing of your Travel Pass / Travel Authority

  • Once the travel authority is approved, the police personnel manning the help desk would notify you to pick up the hard copy of the Travel Authority / Travel Pass. This could also be sent via e-mail or any messaging apps like Messenger or Viber.


LGUs may deny travel passes for high-risk persons (children, elderly, etc.) not traveling for indispensable reasons, or got those in special concern lockdown or extreme quarantine areas.

Areas under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) from June 1 to 15:

  • Metro Manila,
  • Cagayan Valley,
  • Central Luzon,
  • Calabarzon,
  • Central Visayas,
  • Zamboanga City,
  • Davao City,
  • Cebu City and
  • Mandaue City
  • The rest of the country will be under MGCQ.



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