How to survive in a Call Center Company?   

            I am an education graduate. It never crossed my mind that soon I’ll be working in a call center company. As far as I know, I was just at the mall, buying something for my Mom when a BPO recruitment officer approached me to try for an interview. It wasn’t planned but after going through all the application requirements and exams, luckily I got hired.

            After graduation, everything was planned for me. I’ll be applying for a teaching position in a private school for experience while at the same time I’ll be reviewing for the licensure examination for teachers. Then after a year, I’ll apply for a teaching position in public school for more stability. But then, the call center job opportunity came along.

            Being an evening person is not who I am. I sleep early at night and I wake up early in the morning. But with the job that I got into, I need to be awake all night. So, how did I survive in a call center company?

            To survive in your job, they say, is you need to be competent, goal-oriented, to love your work and be adaptive to work environment. But how will you survive if your main adversary is “antok” or sleepiness? How will I satisfy what’s expected of me, make my worth and be a contributor for the success of the company?

            I stay focused in my job, I met my deadlines and made sure I won’t have to do overtime work. I followed orders well, established good relationship with my colleagues and made sure that I’ll be enjoying each task assigned to us. So much cliché for that but I survived that way for four years.

            The reality. Because of continued sleepless nights, change of lifestyle and new body clock, my whole system suffered. My cycle changed, I gained some weight and my bowels became irregular. Almost everyday I can’t sleep after my shift. And if ever I sleep, I wake up suffering from headache. Sometimes at the middle of work I fall asleep. I could have been sent for disciplinary action because of that. It didn’t happen because of my colleague woke me. I got lucky that time and I made sure it won’t happen again.


            What I did? To work in a graveyard shift is to give your health your top priority aside from work of course. Because of the health issues resulting from lack of sleep and altered lifestyle, allotting extra budget for medicines and food supplements is a wise decision. I took anti stress pills, lots of resistance boosting meds and since my body started adjusting to my new lifestyle, I started to have a complete eight hours of sleep but that’s after a month. I redesigned my bedroom to be as dark as possible and as cool as possible for a good day’s sleep. What I eat is very important. I’m lucky because my Mom cooks healthy foods for me. At work, I’m thankful for having lively and jolly colleagues who share their funny stories during breaktime that washes away our stress. Despite the working hours, I had a perfect attendance. I was recognized as best agent for a year and was also awarded as best with 0% lost hours. With all my sacrifices I got promoted one and a half years after.

            I started to work soon after graduation. Financially, I was still dependent on my parents. It was just like college again with fare allowance and packed lunch. I got hired 24th of May and received my first paycheck on the 15th of June and the next is on the 30th. After I received my first salary, it felt so rewarding. At last, I am financially independent. I left the company after four years and now, I am managing my own business.


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