April 26, 2023 | National Intellectual Property Month – World Intellectual Property Day

Proclamation No. 190, which designates April as National Intellectual Property Month (IP Month) each year, was signed by former president Rodrigo Duterte on April 4, 2017.

In accordance with this proclamation, the 1987 Constitution mandates that the State shall safeguard and protect the exclusive rights of scientists, inventors, artists, and other talented citizens to their intellectual property and creations, particularly when such rights are advantageous to the general public.

The public’s understanding of the importance of intellectual property in relation to the nation’s social, cultural, economic, and technological growth will be enhanced by a month-long celebration of IPR.

The purpose of this proclamation is to match national programs and activities with international celebrations, such as World Intellectual Property Day on April 26 and World Book and Copyright Day on April 23, by moving the aforementioned celebration from October to April each year.

In charge of organizing, planning, and carrying out the programs, projects, and celebration-related events will be the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), with assistance from the National Committee in Intellectual Property Rights member agencies.

World Intellectual Property Day – April 26 of each year

In order to promote innovation and creativity, World Intellectual Property Day provides a chance to highlight the important role that intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and copyright, play in society. An effective system of intellectual property ensures that society benefits from the creativity and ingenuity of innovators and creators by recognizing and rewarding their efforts.

Researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, and others can use intellectual property rights to legally safeguard their innovative and creative outputs and reap financial rewards from them. For instance, only original works are eligible for copyright protection, such as songs and films. Similar to this, a technique must be revolutionary (i.e., unique, non-obvious, and valuable) in order to be eligible for a patent. Additionally, in order to receive a patent, an inventor must disclose all relevant information about their creation so that others may build on the technique.

In order to encourage inventors and creators to devote their time, effort, and ingenuity to creating new technologies and new forms of creative expression that both improve and add value to our lives, improve our chances of addressing the major problems facing humanity, drive social progress, and make our lives healthier, safer, and more comfortable. Intellectual property helps to balance the interests of inventors and creators with those of society as a whole.

The occasion of World Intellectual Property Day (World IP Day) is a special chance to reflect on how intellectual property fosters and supports the technical innovation that propels human progress. In an effort to raise public awareness and comprehension of intellectual property, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) member nations established April 26 as World Intellectual Property Day in 2000.

SOURCE: Proclamation 190 – Declaring the Month of Every Year as National Intellectual Property Month


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