How to Renew PRC License Online | PRC License Renewal

This PRC Renewal Online guide will show you in detail on how to process a request for professional license renewal. The government now has online facilities that extend their services including renewal of professional licenses.

Although it’s a big breakthrough for PRC, please take note that PRC Renewal Online facility is only available for PRC Central Office. For PRC renewal in regional offices, you need to process directly with them.



How to Process PRC Renewal Online? / How to Renew PRC License Online

  1. To start your PRC Renewal Online, you must have the following:
    • E-mail address and Password
    • Mobile number
    • Personal data (including date of graduation)
    • ID photo in .jpg format saved on your computer
  2. Go to PRC website ( Click Here –> ). At the right part menu, under REGISTRATION E-Services  tab, Select I.D. RENEWAL drop-down menu then click CENTRAL OFFICE.
PRC Renewal online
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  • CASE 1: FIRST TIME on PRC Renewal online

    PRC Renewal online

    If this is your first time on renewing your PRC license, click on the REGISTER tab and fill all the necessary information. You must create your own account using your own e-mail address. After filling out the form, click the tick box that says I accept Terms of Service.

    After clicking the Terms of Service, you will be directed to the Terms of Service page. Read it carefully then click the Agree button to proceed. Then click the SIGN UP NOW button

    PRC Renewal online
    PRC Renewal online

    CASE 2: NON – FIRST TIMER  on PRC Renewal online


    If ever you have already registered online before for the PRC Renewal online application or ID renewal at the PRC website , select the SIGN IN tab to use your previous log-on details. Enter your e-mail address and password and then click the SIGN IN

  • After you click the Sign-up / Sign-in button, an email will be sent to your supplied email address. You need to log into your email address to check for the PRC email to Verify and Activate your account for the PRC online application Open the PRC generated e-mail then click the Activate Account button to verify your account.PRC Renewal online
  • As soon as you have activated your account for the PRC Renewal online, you will be directed back to the PRC website and you must now create your Profile. Fill up the forms carefully and completely. Once you complete filling out the necessary information in your profile, click the SAVE INFORMATION button. Then confirm that all the information your provided are correct by clicking the Yes button. Your complete details will be shown. Double check if all the details are correct. You can still edit your details by clicking the EDIT button. You can also see the link to click to be able to upload a photo. See sequence below.PRC Renewal online
    PRC Renewal online
    PRC Renewal online
    PRC Renewal online
  • Upload a good quality 2×2 ID photo. To avoid delay or disapproval, READ first the guidelines for the photo to upload. Then click the OKAY button to proceed. Photo requirements for PRC online application/renewal:
    • The photo must be 2×2 in size in plain white background.
    • The photo must be taken no more than 6 months prior to uploading.
    • The applicant must wear decent attire with collar.Important note: Application for PRC Renewal will NOT be processed if:
      • Photo does not resemble applicant
      • Applicant wears eyeglasses
      • Background is not plain white
      • Photo has shadows
      • Ears are coveredprc renewal online 2
  • After successfully uploading your photo, click the SELECT TRANSACTION button. A window will pop-up then Click the RENEWAL button. Fill out and select the necessary information:
    • Profession
    • PRC License Number
      Then Click PROCEED buttonPRC Renewal online
      PRC Renewal online
  • On the next page, using drop-down menu, select your preferred PRC Office where you want to have your request to be processed. Set an appointment date from the high-lighted boxes. Then select your preferred payment option.
    (There’s a 50pesos service fee for any payment option)PRC Renewal online


    To guide you more on the Payment process for PRC Renewal, please read this article:
    Payment Methods for Government Documents


  • Once the payment has been made for PRC Renewal online, you may now verify your request at EXISTING TRANSACTIONS tab. Print your stub via clicking PRINT CLAIMING STUB buttonPRC Renewal online
  • Just click the printer icon to print the PRC Identification Card form. Click the close button then  log-out your account.REMINDER: Always log-out your PRC Renewal online account at the end of your session. This is to secure your privacy and to prevent others from accessing your personal account.PRC Renewal online
    PRC Renewal online
  • Go to PRC Office you selected on your appointment date. Bring your printed claiming stub.
    That’s it! You have now finished you PRC Renewal online process. You can refer to this article again in the future to guide you on the renewal process. Please share!

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