How to Register and Monitor Your SSS Account Online ( For SSS Members )

This SSS online registration guide aims to provide an updated visual walkthrough for SSS members in creating their SSS online account in My SSS portal at: MySSS portal is part of SSS Philippines’ effort in bringing social security services closer to its members. This is how to register and monitor your SSS Account Online

What you need for SSS online registration?

  1. Your SSS number
    (We assume you’re already an SSS member. If not yet, you can read our guide on SSS application process here.)

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  1. Email address
  2. A computer with internet connection

The benefits of creating an SSS online account

The main purpose of SSS online registration is to save time and effort of its members after creating their account. By logging into their My SSS portal, members can:

  • Have exclusive access to their social security records.
  • Submit salary loan applications
  • Submit maternity notifications online,
  • View and print social security records,
  • Set appointments with their servicing branch


Who can register to My.SSS?

  • Employed members with SSS coverage
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Overseas Filipino workers
  • Household employees/ employers
  • Employers

How to Register and Monitor Your SSS Account Online
( For SSS Members )

  1. Go to the SSS website.
    At the right side of your screen, you will see the SSS Member Login panel. We assume this is your first time for SSS online registration. After the line “Not yet registered in My.SSS, click on the tab that says “Click here”. This will direct you to the Online Member User ID Registration page. See sequence below.
SSS Online Registration
SSS Online Registration
  1. Fill-up the form carefully and completely then click Submit. A notification will appear on your screen, click OK.
SSS Online Registration
  1. As soon as you have successfully submitted your SSS online registration form, a new message will prompt that says an email has been sent to the email address that you provided.
  1. Login to your email address and click the link included in the SSS Website Email Validation email message.
SSS Online Registration
  1. After clicking the link from the email that SSS sent you, your account is now verified and will direct you to the more detailed registration form. Fill the form carefully and then click Submit afterwards.
    After submitting your completed registration form, a new email message will be sent to you confirming that your SSS online account is now active. Click the link again and you’ll be redirected to your My.SSS portal.
SSS Online Registration

Congratulations! You have completed your SSS online registration. You can now view your SSS records and transact with SSS online.


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