How to Get Voter’s ID | Comelec Voter’s ID Online Registration

Comelec Voter’s ID is perhaps one of the most important government ID that all Filipinos at legal age should possess. We use our voter’s ID to elect government officials that’s why it should be the most convenient to process proof of identity. But, despite the need to make this available for all voters, there comes the procurement and logistical problems for this vital  ID card.

Have you tried applying or registering for other government ID’s before considering applying first for Comelec Voter’s ID? If you are in a hurry for obtaining a valid governemt issued ID to be used for financial transactions or proof of identity, perhaps you should think twice and look for other options. Comelec Voters ID can be acquired for FREE, but you have to wait for a very long time – years before they could hand you one. But since it’s FREE, might as well apply now and let if brew for all its needed time. Still, try considering other options too.

So, let’s begin first with the Comelec voter’s registration. If you have internet connection, the most convenient is to apply online.  This article provides you a short procedure on how to set a voter registration schedule online through COMELEC’s iRehistro application. This article also contains the qualifications, disqualifications and requirements as your reference.

Comelec Voter’s ID Registration Qualifications

  • You must be:
    • Filipino citizen
    • At least 18 years of age
    • Resident of the Philippines for at least one year
    • A resident in the place, for at least six months immediately preceding the election, wherein he/she proposes to vote
    • Not disqualified by law

Disqualifications for Comelec Voter’s ID and Registration

  • A person who has been sentenced imprisonment for not less than one year, which is not removed by plenary pardon or amnesty;
  • Any person who has been found guilty of rebellion, insurrection, violation of the firearms laws, or any crime against national security; and
  • Insane or incompetent person as declared by competent authority*
    • *The said person may be allowed to vote if he/she is subsequently declared by competent authority that he/she is no longer insane or incompetent.

Requirements for Comelec Voter’s ID / Voter’s Registration

  • Personal appearance in a local COMELEC office
  • 2 valid IDs with the applicant’s photograph, address, and name
    • Accepted IDs:
      • Current employee’s ID with the signature of the employer or authorized representative;
      • Postal ID;
      • Student’s ID or library card, signed by the school authority;
      • Senior Citizen’s ID;
      • Driver’s license;
      • NBI/PNP clearance;
      • Passport;
      • SSS/GSIS ID;
      • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID;
      • License issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) and;
      • Any other ID which fits the criteria

How to apply for voter’s id online.

  1. Log on to COMELEC’s iRehistro
  2. Click on “new registration”
  3. Fill out all the required fields
  4. Schedule your personal appearance at your district office for your biometrics capture
  5. Save and print 3 copies your application form (Or, download the application form here)
  6. Appear at your district office or satellite registration to submit required documents (see previous tab) and undergo biometrics capture [VIEW: Schedule of registration]
  7. Wait for approval of COMELEC
  8. Upon approval and inclusion in the Book of Voters, you may now vote in the next elections.
  9. After registration, you will receive a small paper stub that you need to keep to be used when claiming your voter’s ID.
  10. Unlike any other government issued IDs, it may take years before you receive your comelec voter’s ID.


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