Detailed Guide | How to Get Barangay Clearance

          It was morning of June 10, 2016 when I went to our barangay hall. I have a good idea how to get barangay clearance because not long ago I have already processed one. It was actually a fast and easy process. This time, it only took me 20 minutes including the waiting time to have my barangay clearance. Our barangay in Quezon City is one of the biggest in the city but there was a very short queue when I arrived.

            Barangay Clearance is considered as a supporting document for valid ID’s which also reflects one’s character records. I’ll be using this as additional supporting document for my passport application together with my police clearance. Barangay Clearance  is valid for only three months.

What you need to get a barangay clearance:

  • 1 valid ID
  • Photocopy of ID
    (Only required for new residents or new applicants with no barangay records yet)
  • Photocopy of any latest utility billing receipt under your name / relative’s name.
    (Only required for new residents or new applicants with no barangay records yet)
  • 2 x 2 picture
    (Only required if applying as a representative for another person.)
  • Php 30

How to Get Barangay Clearance

Step 1 : Application Form

Proceed to the barangay hall’s record’s section. Present your documents and state your purpose for your barangay clearance application. Fill – up the application form carefully and completely. Other barangays may have different barangay clearance application forms, but it’s pretty standard.



Step 2 : Encoding

After submitting your application form, the barangay personnel will encode your details and will check your public records.

Step 3 : Photo Capture

After the personnel have checked your records and there are no issues or red flags that he/she has to relay to you before proceeding, you will then be asked to have your photo captured. Or if you are processing for a different person, a recent 2×2 picture is required. It will be scanned  to be attached in the barangay clearance’s image area before printing.

Step 4 : Payment

Usually, there is only one personnel for the whole process and you may  pay the barangay clearance fee to that same personnel. Each barangay has different rates for barangay clearances. A friend of mine paid Php40 for barangay clearance in their barangay and another friend for Php50. Oh! By the way, I didn’t receive any receipt for the barangay clearance fee.


Step 5 : Releasing

Your barangay clearance will be printed after a few minutes. Make sure not to forget to inscribe your thumbmarks and signature. There was an old lady before me  who immediately went out of the room after she received her barangay clearance. I noticed she forgot to sign her thumbmark so I approached her and she immediately came back to complete her barangay clearance.



Thank you! I hope this guide made a difference. Thank you very much for giving me this chance to contribute again to your website.

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