How to Get a Postal ID in the Philippines (Philpost ID)

The Philpost ID or Postal ID card has been improved with more security features and is now printed on pvc card. It is now considered as one of the valid government issued ID’s in the Philippines and anyone can apply for it and use it as a primary form of identification. With its upgrade, Philpost ID verification is expected to be simpler yet more reliable with biometrics-based uniqueness test to fully guarantee an individual’s identity. So, how to get a postal ID in Philippines and what are the postal ID application requirements?

Who may apply for the Improved Postal ID / Philpost ID?

  • All Filipinos living in the Philippines
  • All Filipinos living abroad but were in the Philippines at the time of application are eligible to get an improved PID
  • Foreign residents living in the country for at least six (6) months may also apply

How much is the Improved Postal ID / Philpost ID?

To get the Philpost ID, applicants are expected to pay the following fixed fee anywhere in the country:

philpost id

How long is the Postal ID valid?

The Improved Philpost ID shall be valid for three (3) years for Filipinos and for foreign residents with Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV). For the rest of the foreign residents, it will be valid for one (1) year.

What are the Philpost ID / Postal ID application requirements?

Original and photocopy of the following documents:

  1. Two (2) copies of duly-accomplished PID application form
  2. Proof of Identity – Submit any one (1) of the following:
  • Birth Certificate issued by NSO or Local Civil Registry
  • GSIS or SSS UMID card
  • Driver’s license or Passport

*Married females must bring their marriage certificate to validate change of name from birth document.

Applicant with no Birth Certificate, UMID card, Driver’s license or Passport may submit any two (2) valid IDs with at least one of which should bear the applicant’s photo and signature.

  1. Proof of address – submit any one (1) of the following:
  • Barangay Certificate of Residency issued within three (3) months prior to PID application
  • Certified True Copy of Lease
  • Certified True Copy of Titles issued by the Land Registration Authority (LRA)
  • Certified True Copy of Real Estate Tax Receipt
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit card Statement
  • School Billing Statement
  • Utility Bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, water etc.)

What will happen if you still have the valid  laminated version of the postal ID (Basic ) ?

philpost id

Basic Postal ID will remain valid up to its date of expiration. Post offices will stop issuing it when the Improved Postal ID becomes available in the area. Old but valid IDs may also be converted to the Improved Postal ID at a price discount:

Where to get postal ID in the Philippines?

Anyone may apply and submit the required documents to any post office. Once the submitted documents are screened, you’ll need to go to the nearest ID capture station to be photographed and fingerprinted. There are 260 postal ID capture stations nationwide. You may check the ID capture locations at Application forms are also available and can be downloaded at their website.

How long does it take to get your Improved Postal ID?

After completing the data capture process, a PHLPost mail carrier will deliver the Postal ID to your doorstep:

  • In Metro Manila – Approximately fifteen (15) working days from application
  • Other major cities and municipalities – Approximately twenty (20) working days
  • Island provinces and remote barangays – Approximately thirty (30) working days


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