April 2, 2023 | Commemoration of the Birth Anniversary of Francisco ‘Balagtas’ Baltazar

All Filipino citizens should be inspired by Francisco Balagtas’ bravery, which was captured in the magnificent art of poetry, to exhibit their love for their nation in a variety of ways.

The noble principles and ideals expressed by Francisco Balagtas in his writings have acted as a lighthouse and compass for Filipino heroes who lived after him, consequently influencing the way many of our great individuals think today.

The government’s objective is to recognize our great individuals appropriately when they excel in advancing national culture and the arts.

Francisco Balagtas perfected poetry as a means of examining the disposition and character of his people, making his masterpiece “Florante at Laura” a priceless contribution to Philippine literature and an everlasting memorial to the depth and excellence of the Filipino language. Poetry is a dignified expression of the Filipino genius in the arts and culture.

This makes it essential for the public to pay great attention to Francisco Balagtas, acknowledge him as one of this country’s outstanding leaders, and commemorate his birth on April 2 every year.


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