How to Apply for BPI Credit Card Online

What do you need to do to get approved on your BPI credit card application? At BPI, they offer varieties of credit card types that fit your needs and lifestyle. To process your application, your home or business address must be within 30km. radius of a BPI or BPI Family Bank branch for sure approval.BPI offers the following credit card types that you can choose from.

  • BPI Family Credit Card
  • BPI eCredit
  • BPI Amore Visa
  • BPI Amore Visa Platinum
  • BPI Edge MasterCard
  • BPI Blue MasterCard
  • BPI Gold MasterCard
  • Petron – BPI MasterCard
  • BPI Skymiles MasterCard
  • BPI Skymiles Platinum MasterCard

What are the Requirements for BPI Credit Card Application?

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Each Credit Card type has its minimum gross fixed income requirement. To choose the perfect credit card type for you, you must review their minimum gross fixed income requirement before you proceed with your BPI credit card application. The minimum gross fixed income is as follows:

Credit Card Type                                                          Min. Gross Fixed Income

  • BPI Family Credit Card, BPI Amore Visa,
    BPI Edge MasterCard, BPI Blue MasterCard,
    Petron – BPI MasterCard, BPI Skymiles MasterCard             P 180,000
  • BPI Amore Visa Platinum                                                       P 2,400,000
  • BPI Gold MasterCard                                                             P 480,000
  • BPI Skymiles Platinum MasterCard                                       P 1,000,000

Steps on how to apply BPI credit card online:

  1. In your web browser, go to the BPI website at
    Navigate on the Cards menu at the upper tab, then click Credit Cardsbpi-credit-card-application-7
  2. At the left panel of the webpage under Credit Card menu, click Apply Nowbpi-credit-card-application-7
  3. Select your preferred credit card type by ticking the small box at the left corner of credit card type.bpi-credit-card-application-7
  4. At the lower part of the credit card option, fill out the necessary information in the BPI credit card application to proceed.BPI credit card application
  5. After you filled up the required fields in the application form, don’t forget to tick the small box at the declaration portion of the application form at the lower part of the page.
    Then click the Submit button.bpi-credit-card-application-7

That’s it!
If you succeed with your BPI credit card application, you can now enjoy the perks of having a credit card.


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