BDO Credit Card Application Online

What do you need to do to get approved on your BDO credit card application? At BDO, they offer varieties of credit card types that fit your needs and lifestyle. BDO offers the following credit card types that you can choose from:

  1. Mastercard
  • Shopmore Mastercard
  • Standard Mastercard
  • Forever21 Mastercard
  • Bench Mastercard
  • Installment Card
  • Gold Mastercard
  • Titanium Mastercard
  • Platinum Mastercard
  1. Visa
  • Visa Classic
  • Visa Gold
  • Visa Platinum
  1. American Express
  • Blue from American Express
  • American Express Credit Card
  • American Express Gold Credit Card
  • American Express Cashback Credit Card
  • American Express Platinum Credit Card
  • Cathay Pacific American Express Credit Card
  • Cathay Pacific American Express Elite Credit Card
  • American Express Green Card
  • American Express Gold Card
  1. JCB
  • JCB Lucky Cat
  • JCB Gold
  1. Union Pay
  • UnionPay Gold
  • UnionPay Diamond

Convenience is the best advantage of having a credit.  You can avail items or services now and pay for them later as long as you manage your credits correctly and responsibly. Having a credit card is safer than carrying huge amount of cash. It saves time instead of getting cash and falling in line at ATM machines just so you could pay your shopping expenses, dining bills, online payments for travel, utilities and other bills.

For BDO credit card application, there is a Minimum Gross Fixed Income Requirement. Check if where you are qualified from the following BDO credit card types. You can check your gross income by multiplying your monthly salary by twelve months.

Credit Card Type                                                                   Min. Gross Fixed Income

  • Bench/Forever 21/Shopmore and Standard Mastercard,
    Visa Classic, JCB Lucky Cat Credit Card                                                      P180,000
  • Gold Credit Cards                                                                                          P420,000
  • American Express Credit Card                                                                      P480,000
  • Titanium MasterCard Credit Card                                                                  P1,000,000
  • Platinum Mastercard, Visa Platinum Credit Card and
    Cathay Pacific American Express Elite Credit Card                                      P1,200,000
  • American Express Platinum Credit Card                                                       P1,800,000


What are the Requirements for BDO Credit Card Application?

Check them here.


BDO Credit Card Application Process

  1. In your web browser, go to BDO online banking official and secured website at
BDO Credit card application
  1. Under personal tab at the left panel of the BDO homepage, click the Credit Cards button. Various credit card options will appear. Click the “Apply for a credit card” link to start your application process.
BDO Credit card application (2)

  1. Credit card types will be prompted at the page. Select your preferred credit card by ticking the credit card name. This BDO Credit card type should fit your gross income.
BDO Credit card application (3)
  1. Fill out the necessary details in order to proceed with the application form. Then, click the start button after you fill out the details.
BDO Credit card application (4)
  1. You are now directed to the BDO Credit Card Application Form. It has three parts.
    Just fill out the required details carefully and completely. Then click the next button until you finish with all the three parts. The last part will request for your supporting documents.
    To check again the BDO Credit Card application requirements, click here.
BDO Credit card application (5)

That’s it! If you succeed with your BDO credit card application, you can now enjoy the perks of having a credit card.



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